Nicaragua: Protests Against Government Continue | DISCUSSION

When: 09.10.2018 - 16:30 - 18:00
Where:  Americké centrum, Tržiště 13, Praha 1 – Malá Strana

free, please register online at the Forum 2000 Facebook page, capacity is limited

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In April 2018 massive political protests started in Nicaragua. Many people opposed planned pensioners reform and called for resignation of President Ortega. More than 300 people were killed, approximately 2830 persons were injured and about 700 people are missing. What are the prospects for the future?

Edipcia Dubon, Unrecognized Member of the National Assembly,  Nicaragua, and Jose Miguel Vivanco, Executive Director of Americas Division, Human Rights Watch, U.S., will be the keynote speakers. Mario Lionnet Valenti, Nicaraguan politician will be the moderator of the event.

Discussion is part of Festival of Democracy program organized by Forum 2000.

The program will be in Spanish.