Prague Panthers: We Won't Give Prague Away! | Exhibition

When: 03.11.2011 - 15.12.2011
Where:  American Center, Tržiště 13, Praha 1 – Malá Strana


Main image Prague Panthers 2012, photo by Pavel Karas

Photos of the most successful Czech American football team taken by famous Czech photographers for the 2012 calendar entitled "We Won't Give Prague Away!".

The photographs by Antonín Kratochvíl, Alžběta Jungrová, Bohouš Pospíšil, David Horvát, and Pavel Karas were taken in the streets of historical Prague and aim to remind the viewer of modern knights in armor, defending their city from an attack of an enemy.

The Prague Panthers have a legacy of the most successful Czech American football team. During their first twenty years, the Panthers have won 12 national championships, won the prestigious EFAF Cup, and competed at the highest level of the European leagues. They implement a top-notch system of athletic development of individual players in all age categories, with contributions from American coaches. In the past twenty years, the Prague Panthers have had many great players who continue to spread team spirit and the ideal of sportsmanship expressed through American football. Some of the founding members of the Prague Panthers are still active players.

Currently, the Prague Panthers ranks as the 11th best European team – after they claimed 5th place in the AFL (Austrian Football League) and became the vice-champions of ČLAF (Czech League of American Football).

The Prague Panthers enjoy a broad fan base and a diverse team. The club is composed of four teams in different age categories. The senior team for players above 18 years represents the core of Prague Panthers and is regularly complemented with players from the junior team. The Prague Panthers has also created a team of cadets and a flag football team for younger kids.